Observations, Clockwork MP3 Player, New Friend

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When you have an amateur radio license (and sometimes, even if you don't), you get to recognize certain antennas by their size, shape, placement, height, and other attributes. On the freeway yesterday, I saw what was basically a minimalist cellphone tower disguised as a cross. It looked like it was not originally intended to look like that, but that the cross-piece was added afterward.

There are entirely too many motorcycle dealerships up in the Portland area. While the weather is not horribly rainy, you get just enough of that first-rain sort of slippery slick across the ground (something you don't really notice in cars, but makes motorcycle riding a little more sensitive) and the weather is cold enough that I would think motorcycle riding to be generally impractical. There are a number of Harley dealerships up here. Speaking of impractical, there is also some other (Yamaha?) dealership with their showroom up on a glass-walled second floor, and I think some other business on the first floor. That just doesn't seem right.

I drove past several three-story tall light-up signs, yellow with black text. They proclaim “Adult Entertainment” in a million-point font and “Movies Arcade” just under that in a smaller, thousand-point font. All of the signs were at truck stops.

There is a Family Fun Center with miniature golf and Bullwinkle's not too far away.

Last night's dream involved:

  • A mechanical MP3 player, based on the gearwork of an antique wall clock. The hands were removed and the front face was replaced with glass so you could see the gearing. There was a pendulum inside the case, keeping everything going. Also, the gears powering what would have been the second-hand provided the smooth motion of modern clocks, as opposed to the tick-tick-tick motion of older clocks, so the music could come out smoothly instead of stuttering every second.
  • A convention of something like Scientology going after-hours on in an office building. I tried to find some way to sneak in without talking to anyone
  • Being able to jump, as if gravity was reduced–almost, but not quite, like flying

I went to look and learn, but came home with a new friend…

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