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Netflix and DVD purchasing acquisitions:
Lost on Translation – Awesome! (Once you get past the creech factor of Bill Murray and the blonde girl from Ghost World)
Monk, The Pilot Episode – Best cop show EV-AR! I can't wait for the rest!
Jim Henson's The Storyteller – Best fairy tales EV-AR!

So, I signed on to del.icio.us. The learning/understanding/Ah-Ha-moment curve seems a little steep, but Mendel's comment from the other day really cleared up a bunch of stuff for me. Now my next question is: who else uses it? The only two problems I see with it so far are: (1) the UI could do with some hierarchical pizzaz (yes, I know it's Joshua from Mempool and plain is good, but it makes navigation a bit less straightforward) and (2) aside from trial-and-error, there is no way to discover which of your friends use it. I found a few of you, but please everyone, chime in with your usernames over there so I can subscribe to your linkage. Also: I have encapsulated most of the Delicious API (easy!) and the Safari bookmarks (FRIGGIN DIFFICULT!) into Java objects. Tomorrow: bookmark downloading, with possibly synchronization in the future, as a native OS X app.

My fingers have that bleach dehydration sensation. I cleaned the heck out of the cats' bathroom and litter boxes this evening. The vet said that Pants was so far into her FIP that it was no longer communicable, but hey, a guy can show some OCD every once in awhile, right? Tomorrow, I dig out the carpet shampooer out of the closet and clean the upstairs. The downside to this all is that now my house smells like a hospital, and that is one of my least favorite odors.

Can I just say how annoyed I am by little things in the house? It seems the designers should have read The Design of Everyday Things. In the downstairs bathroom, there are two switches next to the door. The one closest to the door turns on the light, the one a little further away turn on the fan. In the laundry room, there are two switches next to the door. The one closest to the door turns on the fan, the one a little further away turns on the light. Huh? All switches (well, excluding the three-way switch in the stairwell which can go either way) are down for off and up for on, right? Except the patio. That problem was easy to fix. All of the dials on the stove are the same size and look about the same and turn anti-clockwise to activate–except one. The burners are consistent, but the oven itself turns clockwise. None of the drawers have handles or pulls. They all have a front face that is cut perfectly straight on three sides and beveled inward on one. This means you can grip the one side and pull open the drawer. The left and right sides are always straight. Usually the bottom edge is beveled, but on some drawers the top is.

To conclude, iSeek is one of the coolest utilities EV-AR!

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