“I’ll take ‘Reasons I switched to Mac for $1000,’ Alex!”

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Can someone 'splain me http://del.icio.us/? I understand it is a place to put your bookmarks. I also understand that “Delicious is a social bookmarks manager. Using simple bookmarklets, you can add bookmarks to your list and categorize them.” So, then, why would I use this? What makes it better/different than my browser's bookmarks, other than they are shared a little more easily (especially now that Safari has the ability to synchronize/publish them to .Mac)? Would I use this exclusively, or alongside my browser's bookmarks? Inquiring minds want to know.

It's great to know that Microsoft can throw away internet standards because <whiney_voice>they make bugfixes hard</whiney_voice>. Who really needed RFC 2396, anyway? Sure, lots of people don't really use that functionality, but I actually do! Next time I have a really hard bug to fix at work, I'll just write an article in the knowledge base stating we no longer support the exact S/MIME specification anymore, and my problems will disappear.

Today's Two-Minute-Hate will be focused on activation.jar. Please proceed when ready.

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