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When people spell okay as an acronym (O.K.) what is it supposed to stand for?

It seems The Precious has lost her collar at some point on or before yesterday afternoon. This should not be a big deal. It is made of stretchy elastic material so that it can slip off if caught on something without having to worry too much about strangulation. In fact, this happened before–she got caught on some decorative ironwork and slipped out of the collar. The problem here is that her Humane Society ID tag is also attached to that collar and I cannot seem to find it. There are one, possibly two, things that happened:
1) The collar got snagged on an inanimate object or possibly Pants' claws. Pants, being 1/3 the weight of The Precious gets beat up on quite a lot. She has learned to retaliate with her claws, but tends to get them snagged on things: collars, nearby blankets, nostrils, etc. Up until this point, she has never removed a collar or nose, but I wouldn't put it past her.
2) It is also possible that, once removed, the collar became a toy and was carted to some far-off nether region of the house.

At this point, I think I have torn apart the whole house. I stripped the beds, thinking it might have gotten lost in a blanket (when they fight, it tends to be on the bed). I have looked under and around every piece of furniture and appliance (and found four furry mice that had gotten pushed under the oven). I have checked the closets, the laundry, the bathrooms, and behind the books of each bookshelf (and found a wool mouse behind Lord of the Rings and Edgar Allen Poe). I am beginning to wonder if it somehow got placed in the trash or in Kate's bag when she was over here the other day. I am beginning to wonder if I should just give up and look into getting another ID tag. It is not a huge safety/identification deal right now because, as the kids these days would say, “they've got an RFID chip up in them.” It is just an annoyance.

I think I am going to go pick up a book or two so that I can figure out all the crazy details of DVD Studio Pro and Final Cut Pro. I would really like to push the DVD medium to its limit.

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