“Do you like cats?” “Yes, I quite like cats.” “Leg or breast?”

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Things I saw today:

  • A cement mixer truck almost rear-end a log-carrying truck on the freeway (you know, the ones they have in the movies that spill logs across the highway and up the body count by an order of magnitude)
  • An overweight, middle-aged man wearing a leather jacket embroidered with a gigantic Highlander logo
  • Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere (again)

Not commonly used words and phrases I rather enjoy:

  • widdershins
  • safe as houses
  • temple and arch
  • humdinger

So, uh, I basically have done everything you can possibly do with iDVD. I thought “why not try DVD Studio Pro,” so I obtained a demo version and installed it the other day. The installation program has a selector so you can decide which interface to use. There are three different interfaces, each with increasing complexity. The first one is described in a way similar to “the childlike fucktards used to iDVD should be able to grasp this super-simplistic interface.” The other two are increasingly more complex. Well, I must be the dumbest of the dumb because I had a really hard time figuring it out. Probably, that has something to do with the fact that I went through the entire tutorial for iDVD, but not for DVD Studio Pro. I should probably try out that tutorial. DVD Studio Pro has a ton of nifty features you don't get in iDVD: the ability to master, then burn disks in two separate operations (instead of a single) so that the burn doesn't automatically kick in while the laptop and the cat are fighting for lap space, consequently causing a misburn; better management of space on the DVD (more minutes!); more complex menu systems (including some kind of scripting or programming language); fewer themes, but you can create your own themes. PLUS the price of a box of blank DVDs went from $15 to $8 last week. I have plenty to burn.

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