I dislike origami, but enjoy pop-up. Go figure.

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So, I went back to Borders today to get a necessary technical book, and picked up Pop-Up Spooky Castle on the way to the checkout counter. I think that I am not the target demographic. Regardless, I managed to find one that was not missing any pieces. The thing was heavily discounted, plus had another 50% off, so I think I ended up getting it for about $3. Plus tax. Which is zero up here! Ha! I kind of fear my obsession with paper engineering (which includes a library of several books worth of paper engineering, a four volume set of mechanical engineering books, and a bookshelf full of little paper devices including an unfinished clock made almost entirely of paper) will turn me into Marshall J. Flinkman from Alias. (I forget which episode/season in which he was making the pop-up book at work.) Whenever UPS shows up, I should have a construction kit for a working 35mm camera made entirely of paper. Maybe I will post the pics (after finishing the clock, then the camera).

Speaking of Alias, I want to see season 3 so bad! I am not quite desperate enough to break down and get cable/satellite (as well as the requisite TiVo). I am still rather proud that the TV is not connected to the outside world in any way except for shiny silver discs that arrive from Netflix. I wonder if I am going to have to break down and return to my old Simpsons routine–scouring the P2P networks for captured episodes? Ehhh…come to think of it, maybe not. The ability to put in the next DVD and overcome the cliffhangerage is absolutely wonderful. I am not sure I could watch it week-to-week and still maintain sanity.

I made more progress on Adjective Noun last night. The user registration/login/session system should be a lot more solid than the old one that was at Diedrichs.org. It should also be a lot more portable to future projects.

Can someone please explain this? Somehow this entry of mine became this web page. As substitute said, and I agree, “holy what the?” Similarly, it seems there is a form that can be used to insert my LJ entry (entries?) into your blog. Someone has some 'splaining to do, as I have no idea what is going on here.

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