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Welcome to my world,
Welcome to my world,
Welcome to my world
of snow.

Yes, it stopped snowing sometime last night, but the snow continued to be an issue today. Everyone is still pretty much stuck at home. It finally got warm enough to start melting the snow late in the afternoon. Now, it is almost freezing again and I fear the layer of slick and uneven ice it will create tonight. It will be like a Slip-N-Slide, only without edges! If I had stayed in California the extra week instead of coming home a week early, I probably would have missed the snow. I have plenty of mixed feelings about this. The snow really does kind of suck, but is nifty at the same time. Alternately, it was great to see everyone, but couch-surfing gets a little stressful, painful, and old after two weeks, much less three weeks (especially when you are sick during a nice big chuck of that time).

This evening, I walked to the little market/deli/coffee-shop across the street. Today, I could find the boundary between the street and the not-street because they plowed. Also, it was open, unlike yesterday. It not only was open, but bustling with business. I chatted with the owner for a bit. It seems he and his girlfriend stopped by to pick something up at 11 in the morning, with no thoughts of opening. Someone knocked on the door because they needed to pick up a vital supply, so they opened the door for that person. Not too long after that, there were about 50 people in there, so they remained open until it slowed down. Well, at 6:45, there were still about 30 people in there–some hanging out at the coffee/deli tables, some purchasing essentials they did not think the needed before they got snowed in.

While there, I got a bottle of Papio wine, you know, the one with the monkeys:

Someone (odradak?) said it was bad, but the merlot seems to be good. I am not sure if this is because the merlot was not tried or because this was a different/better batch–but it is does end up being pretty tasty.

It would seem that sometime last night or today, I threw out my back. By coughing. Yes, you heard correct. I coughed too hard and/or long and messed up my back.

So, while I was south for the winter, KPCC had a week of stories about songs, musicals, hollywood, and the like. I realized I really do like a bunch of Gilbert & Sullivan. (Well, minus Mikado, which feels mildly racist and offensive…) Does this make me a freak and weirdo? As Tom Lehrer said, you can always count on Gilbert and Sullivan for a rousing finale full of music and too many words that signify nothing. I really do like how they can cram in those syllables, whether or not they actually say anything.

P.S. I am not entirely sure which spices are in Spiced Leyden cheese, but they are good. They seem to be almost, but not quite, caraway seeds and something else, perhaps cumin. It has a vaguely indian flavor to it, which is nice. It is just too bad this is not a regular cheese at the Wild Oats market.

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