Holy The Crap

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I think Portland is shut down today. There is snow. There is a lot of snow. And wind. It is 17.8 degrees F outside and the local NPR affiliate said the wind was supposed to have gotten up to 40 MPH last night. The wind was nice last night — I went to sleep with the relaxing sound of the wind blowing powdery snow against the window. It was a nice natural white noise. The wind and snow continued through the night, and into the morning:

See that dark curvy line in the snow on the right side of the picture? That would be the top few millimeters of the red-painted curb, with the coloring showing through the thin bits of snow. I am just glad I have internet (with an upcoming MacWorld Keynote), food, and hot water, as there is no way anybody is getting their cars out right now. I am a little bit worried about the lack of cold water upstairs. I think there is a frozen plug of ice somewhere in the pipes between upstairs and downstairs. I'll have to call the leasing office about that when they're open.

The I-5 freeway? Closed. The schools and colleges? Closed. The public transit system? Closed. I am not entirely sure where Kate stayed last night, but I hope they have food, water, and entertainment because it looks like she will be unable to get in here for some time.

Pants is looking for a warm lap and The Precious is running from window to window, looking for the best way to attack the stuff floating past the window. Oh! Keynote starting!

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