Vacation Update

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Yeah, so at this point, I think I have done everything on my to-do list except for Laxmi's and Durty Nellie's. In retrospect, I probably should have spaced some of my activities out a little bit. For instance, yesterday I went down to The Electric Chair to get two pairs of boots. I also used that same day to break in the boots by running around Disneyland with before my pass expires. My feet are now telling me that that was the wrong thing to do. I should have stuck with wearing the boots I already have.

I know lots of things happened over the past few days that I have not been reported here, but I can't remember it all right now.

Oh, and many thanks to bruisedhips for mentioning that Chuck Palahniuk has a guide to Portland. I think I will see if I can dig that up before returning so I will have something to read on the airplane.

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