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Something about the ability to store food that should normally be refrigerated (like cheese and meat) at room temperature does not make me say, “wow! Look at what we can do with SCIENCE!” It instead makes me say “what's wrong with it?” From those microwave dinners you did not have to freeze (they were big in the 80's as part of people's earthquake preparedness kits, but I'm not sure they are around anymore) to the mac-n-cheese size box of palak paneer at Trader Joe's to the chicken curry ramen I am eating now. There is just something not right about it.

Of course, part of that goes back to the Trader Joe's palak paneer–my favorite indian dish–which made me sick the one and only time I tried it. Of course, it tasted a little off. I'm not sure if that was because it was bad (it did not appear to be past the expiration date or prematurely opened), because man was never meant to have little squares of cheese in a vacu-sealed foil pouch, or if I was just sick for some other reason. This curry ramen–with giant chunks of chicken, also from a foil pouch–tastes a little off, too. Again, I don't know if it is because man was never meant to have room-temperature chicken with an indefinite shelf life, or if I'm used to indian curry and this is most assuredly asian curry, or if I'm getting sick. (My main reason for eating the soup is that I am feeling a little under the weather).

The only exception I take to the above observations is processed cheese like the stuff in a pressurized can. I find absolutely nothing wrong or odd with spray cheese, or for that matter, the powdered cheese that comes with mac-n-cheese.

Kate has been coming home from studying later and later since finals are approaching. It sometimes makes me a lonely little monkey. I got the new Alias season the other day, but she will not be able to watch it for a week or two. I feel kind of bad for watching it without her, but I also feel incredibly addicted. I've been jonesing to know what happened after the first season's cliffhanger, so I watched the first episode in this set…which made me want to watch the second, etc. It's less than a week until the next Buffy season, as well. We are going to be soooo glued to the TV after finals.

For anyone into the latest Gunslinger/Dark Tower book, it looks like there is a website for the Sombra Corporation. At first, it started to look like a big marketing game thing, like the AI movie tie-in thing, but the more people look at it, the more it looks like an amateur job. There were a number of misspellings (which seems a little wrong if it really was a marketing promotion for the new books), a number of missing sites, and some guy who runs a Dark Tower message board has all but admitted to being behind it. It almost feels like it was released (or discovered) before it was ready.

Oh, and say hi to Dick.

Once again, Pants is being a good little samaritan kitten and covering the stinky mess The Precious left in the litterbox. I can smell it from here.

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