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So it has been awhile since I put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, on this journal. A quick list of things of recent note:
redmaenad visited last weekend, and that was a very happy experience. She got to see the kitties and Kate’s school. They got to go out shopping for clothes. She got to see the fall leaves. We all got to drink wine and stay up too late. Then she had to go home. The [extended] weekend seemed to go by in a flash. There were so many things Lisa did not get a chance to see: Powel’s, the crazy-big Japanese market, the super-cheap Indian restaurant, the nifty breakfast bistro down the road, etc.
– I got the 40gig iPod. “Is that half the music you have ever collected in your entire life in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?” Seriously–I thought the older iPod was small, but this thing is wicked-tiny. The interface has been cleaned up a lot. The embedded hardware/OS has been cleaned up a lot (a “reboot” is no longer required when doing hotsyncing). Currently, my only gripe is with the four control buttons across the front. While I like the placement better than the older one, I am still trying to get used to the feel. The old one had the touch-sensitive scroll wheel and five pushbuttons. You knew when you had your finger on the button, and you knew when you applied enough pressure to activate it. The new iPod has recessed touch pads–not touch pads like the little soft plastic clicky blisters on membrane keyboards like electronic cash registers–but each button is like a little trackpad. Even though they are recessed, I sometimes find myself fat-fingering the skip buttons.
– That Matrix game is getting pretty wacky-insane. Recent developments include clues left in physical locations throughout the country. For instance, a CD was stashed in a book with a particular call number in a Portland library. Somebody else beat me to it, but I have a copy. Also, the plot is getting so crazy that I had to draw a diagram. It is hard to follow the plot of a story that is seemingly happening around you in realtime.
– NIN quiz. I am a little surprised by the result, but then looked at the scarcity of possible answers.  You are The Perfect Drug. you ahve l;ost soem one very close and dear to you and u still wallow from your loss

What Nine Inch Nails song do you relate to the most?
brought to you by Quizilla
– I found nifty new music, Black Tape for a Blue Girl. Currently, locating songs, determining if I like them enough to buy some albums. Still need to get some His Name Is Alive albums. Holy crap! I just discovered His Name Is Alive is on the iTunes store. That was by blocker–nobody locally seems to ever have their albums, and I never think to order the physical discs from Amazon. The shipping usually isn’t worth it. I guess I’m getting a few albums.
– I have not written C++ STL code since the days of Metapa, about two years ago. Presently, I am re-learning some of the syntax. The ease of Java really messed with my head. It took me 20 minutes to figure out how to declare a list<string>::iterator. Wmap is being rewritten in C for ease and portability. (…and to make installing dependencies easier. It’s tough when the first step is “install Java.”)
– The Precious has discovered she likes sleeping under the covers. This is the same cat that likes to bite things.

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