Invasion of the iPod People! In 3-D!

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So, I was chatting with someone today and realized that I had posted this on our local (well, it was local previous to my move) mailing list, but for some reason forgot to cross-post this here:

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     So, I am thinking of getting a bigger-better iPod soon.  Part of
this process will involve selling off the old one.  Currently, I have a
2nd generation 10gig iPod.  (The company line is "2000 songs or 200
CDs," but that depends on what quality they are encoded at and whether
you also use it as an external hard drive for non-music files.)  It is
in great condition and contains all of the accessories, with one
exception--the belt hook on the carrying case is broken.  (People who
already have iPods can confirm how cheap the plastic belt hooks
are--this is my second carrying case).  So yeah, it comes with the
cables, the wall-outlet power adapter (in case you don't have a
computer around to charge it through the sync cable), the remote, and
the headphones.  I also have the CD of sync software somewhere around
here, but it is a very old version of Mac-only iTunes.  You are better
off downling the latest iTunes for Mac or Windows.  The iPod has ZERO
scratches (which is tough for most people to say because the front is
plastic and the metal back tends to be made of ScratchTanium or some
other easily scratchable alloy), but this iPod pretty much lives in the
carrying case 24/7.  It is the "Mac" version of the iPod, meaning it
does not come with a PCI Firewire card for your PC.  If you want to use
this on a PC, you need a firewire port (cheap cards can be found for
     Currently, I am looking at my options, and it looks like I can get
somewhere between $150 and $200 on eBay.  While I have bought stuff
through eBay before, selling something kind of scares me.  If I am the
buyer and something goes awry, I can always stop the funds, considering
paper money never changes hands.  If I am the seller and something goes
awry, I do not have a similar option on a shipped piece of merchandise.
  Sooo...if someone I know wants to buy this from me directly without
going through the eBay mess of selling it to a basically anonymous
person, I would be happy to pass it along to you for the lower end of
the spectrum ($150) plus a little something for shipping ($ will
be more than this for actual shipping and insurance, but I'll cover the
difference).  Drop me a private email (directly to
and not to the DiedrichTable mailing list address).
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