Slow Rain

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Stimps did it, so I did it too. STARE LONGINGLY AT MY MAP You can do it, as well.

Today was…odd. Kate and I were in the car, sitting at a red light. It had been sprinkling all morning and continued to do so. The raindrop changed subtly as we watched, but it did not register in my mind because it seemed common and natural to me. A minute later, I said, “you know the rain? It's falling really slowly. I don't think it is rain anymore.” Kate denied it, and continues to do so. It is not quite cold enough to remain snow (it was 40 and is now 39 degrees), so melts instantly upon contact with the ground–but it is still nice to see. This is snow I like. This is not super-cold-windy-hard-Boston-snowflakes that pelt you in the face like a sandblaster. This is snow you can enjoy, and do not have to worry about dealing with.

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