I want to go back to bed, but that only makes it worse

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I would like to post, but I am not sure I am physically up to it. Here's a try…
Last night was a party. A law student party. At the school. Funded in part by the school. I brought some cash because I knew it would be $5 to get in, and assumed drinks would be overcharged for. I thought it would be a bunch of stufy law students talking about school stuff. I was wrong on both counts. Apparently, Kate's tuition money got applied to giving out free beer and wine. And law students, when drunk, are crazy. Several notable events of the evening:
– There were more angels then you could shake a stick at.
– The comment “sexy equals cold” was overheard several times in various forms.
– The Ricola guy kept cutting into the beer line. I guess he knows everyone, and just wanders to the front of the line to “chat for a second.”
– Someone was dressed as Duff Man.
– A couple was dressed in a homemade version of the plug and outlet costume. They were three-prong outlets, and the ground-prong could get longer. Yeah….moving right along…
– A cow was standing on a table telling people to suck her udders, which dispensed alcohol of some sort.
– The couple that gave us a ride there got really sloshed and might have had a little dispute (he was being a little “friendly”), so drove home early. Did I mention really sloshed?
– Weapons of mass destruction
– Several Royal Tenenbaums
– Lots of other things that I can't remember
My head is about to go supernova.

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