Of Fast Food And Cats

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I stepped out of the office for a second, and upon returning, I found that the giant sheet of aluminum foil that covers the Mac desk had been pulled on to the floor. Pants was sitting at attention, right in the middle of it, staring up at me questioningly, as if nothing had happened. I am guessing the aluminum foil trick does not work so well on these two.

It seems that if I want a Veggie Works Burrito from Del Taco, I have to go across state lines. Fortunately, that is only a 20 mile trip. I am just glad there is a Quiznos up the road. The big question for today is: make lunch at home, go to Quiznos, go to the Japanese market whose name I can never remember/pronounce, or something completely different.

Pants is still intimidated by the clump of velcro wire-ties. Last night, she found about eight different ways to approach it. She would get close enough to bat at it, but then quickly back off before engaging in a fight against the velcro. This morning, she is batting at it a little bit, but sometimes jumping pretty far backward as if it attacked back.

The Precious has not been as much of a SpazMobile the past couple of days–which is probably a combination of the humbling trip to the vet and side effects of her vaccinations. (I think I would be a little freaked out for a few days, too, if a strange man unexpectedly stuck something up my butt.)

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