Halloween Costumes For All

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I can finally say “my cat's breath smells like cat food,” only it does not. Pants' butt smells like poo, though. The great thing about an aluminum laptop is that kitten footprints are easily visible on the surface. When you are not around and they are getting up on the desk like they're not supposed to, you can tell. Well, you can also tell from the kitten-sneeze ick solidified on the screen. And, crap…they chewed open a firewire cable. Currently, they are trying to steal my vegetables. I accidentally dropped a couple and it seems that Pants likes to lick the pea to death (probably can't get enough traction on it to actually eat it) and like lima beans, even after the half-eaten portion has been placed in the trash can.

And now they're looking to jump up on the desk and steal my vegetables again.

I started growing “kitty grass” today. It should be ready this weekend. Since they are indoor cats, this will give them a little something to munch on. Hopefully, they will learn that they can gnaw on greenery indoors without having to race outside.

Why are there halloween costumes for dogs, but not cats? Not that I want any–just an observation.

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