Kidding On The Square

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Today's score: good – 4; bad – 2

Good: waking up and going outside to a world that was cool, but not cold, with the smell of moisture and wood burning in fireplaces
Good: baking a pumpkin pie (from a can this time, not from actual pumpkins)
Good: cookies 'n' cream ice cream sandwiches to go with the pie
Neutral: expanding the cats' territory to include the bedroom last night; waking up to kitties at your feet, but sleeping in and later being woken up by kitties trying to climb up to the highest point on the high-backed upright pillow (basically, one of these).
Bad: cleaning chunks of poo from between the toes of The Precious
Good: starting to build the paper clock
Bad: Researching this post and discovering the following text on the pillow's label: “Filling: All new material consisting of textile fibers of unknown kind.”

“…Ingredients of Happy Fun Ball include an unknown glowing substance that fell to Earth, presumably from outer space….”

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