Rock the Vote, Rock the Boat, Block the Vote, Unlock the Vote

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For those not in California, here is a scan of the wacky absentee ballot. If you want to print out a souvenir copy for yourself, I would recommend finding a printer that will print it the original size, 11″x17″ “tabloid” size paper.

(1.4 Megs)

Oh, and while we are talking about voting–if anyone will be doing it in a precinct using Diebold electronic voting systems, I have a mirror of some some code and documents that were accidentally sitting on Diebold's public FTP. I find that voting only once can be fairly limiting when you want your candidate to win–why not vote more than once or simply invalidate the votes of others? If you want some practice, the software is there too–so you can install your very own Diebold voting system on your Windows PC. I like how it is a random mismash of VisualBasic, Java, Crystal Reports, and Microsoft Access. Now where did I put that list of local r00t exploits…?

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