The Kittens Are Not Polydactyl

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The Precious loves wet food and will take all she can get. Pants (which is quickly becoming her name) seems quite disinterested in three different brands/flavors of wet food, but scarfs down dry food like crazy. They are both getting settled into a pretty standard sleep/eat/play routine.

Last night's dream: feedle had designed and developed a coin-op video game of some sort. It was a sit-down, cocktail-table style game like you find in bars and family steakhouse waiting areas. It was also very political and pretty solidly liberal and anti-Bush. There were only a few made and they were all installed in the Washington D.C. area, so I did not actually get to see it up close. Famous politicians came from all over to play. There were lines out the door. Often times, people would be disappointed because it was out of order–so many people wanted to play that the coin box was full and would not accept any more quarters. They couldn't empty the money fast enough.

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