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The Precious is doing well. She is still sickly (upper respiratory infection), but today was quite playful and back on her perch atop the toilet tank (which affords a view of the outside). This is in direct opposition to yesterday, when she sat on a blanket on the floor all day and hardly moved. So, she is either less sick or less traumatized from the vet visit. Heck, I was a little traumatized by the vet visit. Fortunately, all of the face-biting dogs I ran across were puntable, so that was not so bad. That, and I didn't have a thermometer rammed up my butt.

She has been eating well and playing strong all through the day. I do have to say that I am a little surprised by her favorite toy, though. I was expecting it to be the catnip felt lobster, perhaps one of the balls or stuffed mice. Little did I know that it would be the toy I bought on a whim, expecting her to ignore (or possibly be afraid of). Her favorite toy is a semi-transparent ping pong ball type of thing that responds to motion by randomly lighting up red, green, and blue light-emitting diodes inside the ball. She loves the thing! If she is in a playful mood, she will intentionally bat at it slightly to turn it on, then sneak away and bound back after it. She like the electronic toy. Cats are supposed to hate electronic toys — aren't they? I took several pictures today. Posts will come soon.

The two Siamese they had at the shelter ended up being a Siamese/Himalayan mix. We have a hard enough time picking up after my own hairballs (or “hair bunnies” as they are now known), and do not need more. Tomorrow at lunch, I'm going back to the shelter to see if we can find a good playmate for The Precious that will fit into our wacky little household. (There looks to be a new Siamese added today, so we'll see…)

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