“Make The Robot Fuck Something”

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Most of you reading this probably already know, but in case you do not: a new Microsoft worm is going around (named “Swen.”) It arrives as an official-looking email from Microsoft that looks quite a lot like their website and their online update service. Because it is classified as a worm, you do not even need to click the attachment, simply opening the message or looking at it in the preview pane is enough to infect a system that does not have the latest security patches. Of course, opening the attachment infects any system, patched or not. You have been warned. I have already gotten several copies in my mailbox and the web counter that the worm hits after each infection has reached something like a million and a half before it got taken down. Tomorrow morning is going to be fun, with everyone coming back to work and checking their email after the weekend.

It is stuff like these immediate successions of virii and worms that make me smile quietly to myself and the Unix-y goodness of Mac OS. Well, that, and the fact that the home version of Windows 2003 has now been pushed back to early 2005 and the next version of OS X (which excels past that Windows) is in final beta and should be out “by the end of the year,” which inside sources site as being next month.

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