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Today, I spent a few hours hiking through Tryon Creek State Park — a little park a few minutes away from home. By “little,” I mean over 600 acres of dense “you can't see the sky” forest. It was me, my MP3 player, an Alice in Wonderland audiobook, a camera, and some water. I took a number of pictures, all of varying quality. I would have taken more, but when my memory card filled up and I was in the process of deleting a few pictures, the battery gave up. I thought it was close to fully charged, but that was likely incorrect. Too bad, too. I was in the process of taking pictures of a really cool, hollow, fallen tree. It was probably big enough to crawl through, if that was an action you considered to be a good idea. The one picture I was able to get does not adequately convey the width or length.

In total, I went about two and a half miles. Close to the Nature Center, things are pretty mellow–the paths are paved and relatively flat. They in fact tell people they are okay for dogs and strollers. The further away from the Nature Center you get, the less “paving improvements” you get–from asphalt to loose stoney asphalt, to stones, to dirt, to mud. Also, the further away from the Nature Center you get, the less flat the trails become. Their brochure mentions “walking down to the creek involves a 125 foot elevation change.” I walked to, and along, the creek.

I hope to come back soon. The park has about ten miles worth of trails and I still have much more adventuring ahead of me. I am tired, but not completely worn out. Maybe I will feel it more tomorrow.

Oh, also, this was my first experiment with exporting from iPhoto to web pages. There are a few things I do not like about the process and results, but it sure is easier than the way I was generating galleries before.

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