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Some random thoughts that have been collecting:

Small traffic circles in residential neighborhoods — quaint, nifty, and f'ing cool! Big traffic circles in major intersections — your own, personal, centripetal hell.

I ran into an old high school friend while getting cajun food at the mall yesterday. It was really weird because it took a good 5 or 10 seconds for me to recognize him. We're going to hang out and drink sometime in the next few days.

Cajun food at the mall in Portland — not so great. They get three, maybe two, out of five stars in my book. Not exactly bad, but certainly not something to phone home about or make a special trip to get.
Cajun food at the mall in Boston — Super tasty good! I forget the name of the fast food cajun chain out there, but they had all sorts of nifty crawfish dishes. Yum!

Fast food indian food in Orange County (Nikki's, specifically) — horrible.
Fast food indian food in Portland (at the mall) — not sure yet. I am expecting it to be 3 or 2 stars because you really cannot rush the preparation of good indian food.

When I decide to eat out, I need to find someplace that is not the international food court.

I just love it when instructions tell you to do stuff like:
You have an old (broken) system-xfree86 package installed. Unfortunately,
because of bugs that the foolish maintainer never noticed in this package,
there is no way to create an automatic upgrade path to the new, fixed

To rectify this grievous affront to your non-interactivity, you will need
to force-remove the existing system-xfree86. To do so, you can run the
following command in a terminal:
sudo dpkg -r --force-depends system-xfree86

While I'm at it, I should do a sudo rm -rf /, right?

I got a monkey wearing a t-shirt from ThinkGeek.

The Alias DVDs are turning out to be very good and very cliffhangeriffic.

I do not think I can get my dream kittens, the Sphynx breed. You can really only get them purebred, which ends up being about the price of a decent home theater system. And we would need two–to keep one another company. There are sometimes mutt versions available (the same GIGANTIC ears and big eyes, but with hair) for normal kitten price, but they are really hard to come by because they are only ever used for weird crossbreeding stuff, then banished to a family that will love it as a pet and not as an animate show trophy. I just want a lovably ugly cat-rat-chihuahua-thing with radar-dish ears, and do not care whether or not it has hair.

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