Can’t sleep clowns will eat me…or at least can’t sleep for some reason

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You just have to admire it when a good music group forms by accident–for instance when a couple of film students who like listening to everything from classical violin to punk to avant-garde decide to do the soundtrack for one of their film projects on their own and end up being better at the music than the film. You have to admire a band who creates “a minimal synth ballad written around lyrics found handwritten inside the cover of an 1895 physics textbook” or “a sexy romp partially inspired by explorers Lewis and Clark.”

That, and if you're an up-and-coming band, it has got to be nice to be able to just call up your art school friends and get instant backup vocals, dancers, a crazy cabaret/80s/70s/hybrid-weirdness wardrobe, music video production, and all that. Oh, and it's got to be nice to have done a command performance for David Bowie.

Mental note: look up price and availability of tickets for the 14th. If the little snippets of news about them and the style of their videos any indication, it looks like the show will be less about the music (which is pretty much digital and hard to do live and still make interesting) and all about the wardrobe, choreography, and set design.

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