“Put Some South In Yo Mouth!!!”

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I just looked up Portland-area cajun restaurants in Mapquest's yellow pages (which, until now, has worked pretty darn well). The first result, a paid-placement, was for Big Mama's Rib Shack. This 3 out of 5 star establishment is located a scant 955.41 miles away from my house–just a quick drive down to Pasadena, Ca. Something tells me that either Mapquest is broken or Big Mama paid a bit too much for such widespread advertising.

Estimated Travel Time: 928 minutes; 955.41 miles.
5: Merge onto I-5 S via the ramp- on the left- toward SALEM. 928.99 miles
6: Merge onto I-210 E toward PASADENA. 23.18 miles
7: Take the exit toward LINCOLN AVE/WASHINGTON BLVD. 0.26 miles
8: Turn LEFT onto W HOWARD ST. 0.12 miles
9: Turn RIGHT onto LINCOLN AVE. 0.25 miles
10: Turn LEFT onto W WASHINGTON BLVD. 1.57 miles
11: Turn LEFT onto N LAKE AVE. 0.13 miles

Oh, and I am not making up the subject line for this post. That really is the tagline listed right under the restaurant name.

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