Weird Al was on NPR this morning. Does he count as a psychopath?

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Yesterday, I got a new (gigantic) whiteboard for the home office.
Yesterday, I listed bug fixes and drew a picture of a lightning storm and a psychopath with a top hat, handlebar mustache, and bloody butcher knife on said whiteboard.
Last night, the bugs were fixed.
This morning, it rained with thunder and lightning.
I await the arrival of the psychopath.

I get to drive Kate to and from school every day. This may not sound so fun on the small, winding, 5 mile road with trees and gullies on either side and trees towering above, but I have a small car that handles curves very well. It was almost as if my car was designed for the particular road in question. Or vice-versa.

I started setting up a Freevo machine. We will see if (1) I can get it to work and (2) if I can hack at it and make improvements. In other geek news, I got my Dreamhost account working with server-side Spam Assassin. The instructions are here. Also, I built up a shell script for OS X that will create a DVD image file, mount it, copy a bunch of stuff from my homedir into it, and unmount it–giving me a backup image I can easily burn to DVD. The script is here. Props to Apple for making so many command line versions of their GUI tools. Although, for all I know, the GUI versions are just simple shells covering the command line versions.

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