“I’m sorry, we are fresh out of Waldorfs”

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Today was a fun and exciting day. It consisted of assembling the last of the furniture, unpacking nearly all of the boxes (transferring the last of the clutter from the front room up to my office), disposing of cardboard in the cardboard-only dumpster, fixing a flat tire on Kate's car, and investigating Wild Oats market.

Let ME tell YOU: Wild Oats is “da' bomb” or hip phrase the kids are using nowadays. I do not know if every Wild Oats is like this, but the one up the street is like Mothers Market (for those in Orange County that get the reference) on several different kinds of steroids.

Here is how to make your own Wild Oats market. First, take a nice big Home Depot. Next, remove all of the products. Next, add a second floor. Place a juice bar in the front, next to the restaurant. Add some fresh veggies. Next, add an apothecary. I kid you not–an apothecary. Ensure there is both a prescription drug counter and a bunch of natural remedies. Add a health and beauty section with vitamins and skin creams and hair care products. Next, place a fairly diverse grocery store in the middle–one that includes health food, Asian products, Indian products, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Add a giant section of gourmet cheeses and a wine cellar.

Oh, and on the second floor put in a book store and a health spa, and probably a few other things we did not get a chance to see because we were pressed for time. That would be the Wild Oats market for you.

While there, I got some plum wine–with real plums:

Plum Wine

I also ordered a “Waldorf Juice” from the juice bar. I do not know the exact ratios, but it was a combination of apple, celery, and lemon juice. I did not previously know you could juice a celery. The taste was really interesting–the celery and lemon gave it a weird bite that offset the sweetness of the apple. It was quite good at the time, but the celery aftertaste keeps fooling me into thinking I have a celery string stuck in my teeth. I was told that a combination of lemon and cucumber juice is quite good, too. (You can juice a cucumber?!)

Also, there was some kind of hybrid Klezmer/Hip-Hop on NPR this morning that I will have to find.

Oh, and I am ganking a link from jwz's journal: The Random Personal Picture Finder. It just feeds the Google image search with random filenames that conform to those that digital cameras produce (like IMG_1234.jpg, for instance) and shows you the results. Quite cool, indeed.

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