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I have been sick since Thursday night. After the second Lynchburg Lemonade, the sneezes and tickle in my throat–which I thought was simply because I went from an air-conditioned environment to an oven environment several times that day–got worse. A headache was also thrown into the mix. Yesterday was worse. To top it all off, the communist beers are sitting in the fridge, taunting me, mocking me, telling me they cannot be touched until I am well enough to enjoy them. I managed to venture outside today and get dragged around while Kate did some shopping. I may have complained a little at the time, but overall it was a beneficial trip–with fresh air and exercising muscles that have not moved in a couple of days. Plus, Mother's Market fresh, no sugar, lemonade!

Fortunately, I have had movies, music, and NPR to keep me sane at home. At this point, I am going to put in a little plug for Christopher O'Riley and his album True Love Waits. I randomly stumbled across him when looking for an opera on the iTunes music store (don't ask). He is a classical concert pianist, but the song titles that appeared in the daily top ten downloads section caught my eye: “Karma Police,” “Fake Plastic Trees,” etc. It turns out he covers a bunch of Radiohead songs on the piano. While this might put most of you to sleep, I have a healthy appreciation for it (after taking about 8 years of lessons). He does a damn fine job at translating some of the weird effects and sounds that Radiohead uses into the piano.

In between naps, chatting on the in-tar-web with the likes of Ignatz and Citizen X has helped keep my mind away from the headaches, as well as playing a couple of games of networked iConquer. Kate has been a real dream and got me lemonade and all-natural strawberry-juice popsicles and fixed a big dish of this pasta/casserole thing that sounds like “tetrahedron,” but Italian.

It has come to my attention that I forgot to post the super-cool news about Portland and jobbiness. I think that I will wait 'till tomorrow, when I am feeling better, to get into the details. I also forgot to post my picture of a CD that went through a paper shredder.

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