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Jack Daniel's Lynchburg Lemonade with a giant cross-section of freshly cut pineapple to adorn the glass. An excellent start to an excellent weekend. Tomorrow, Independence Day, I get to try the various Russian beers I picked up this afternoon. I was also going to try the beer from China, but it was only sold in six-packs and the only six-pack was missing a bottle. The sun is low enough on the horizon that I can probably kick back on a lawn chair with a book now.

I keep thinking that 5.25L of Lynchburg Lemonade is excessive, but then I think about how Ralphs is going to stop carrying it and the last few bottles (now mine) were an absolute steal. Plus: three-and-a-half-day weekend.

When measured as price per milliliter, ink jet ink is seven times more expensive than Dom Perignon champagne. That explains…something, but I am still trying to figure out what.

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