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I came home from work today (an hour early because I did not get a chance to take a lunch) to discover two messages on my answering machine. The first was a bill collector for moocher-Jessica. The second was a representative from Apple trying to convince me to go to the World Wide Developer's Conference next week. It was kind of cool–the first time an operating system company (or, for that matter hardware or software) personally called me with an invitation to a developer's meeting. Try getting THAT out of Microsoft. I have gotten plenty of spam from software makers inviting me to come to a free seminar to learn all about their products (sales people barring the doors in the back of the room to convince you that you need to purchase it). Anyway, I would love to go and see all the cool stuff and get a free copy of the next version of OS X, but I do not think work would approve of me being gone for a week.

http://jumptheshark.com/: it is named after an episode of Happy Days where Fonzie jumps over a shark while water skiing and wearing his leather jacket. It was realized, at that point, that the show had reached its peak and was then on a decline. I disagree that Saturday Night Live never jumped the shark–it started declining as Dana Carvey, Mike Myers, Phil Hartman, and Dennis Miller left. I also have to say X-Files peaked about season 5/6. I never bothered to get the Season 6 DVDs. I cannot comment on Buffy, since most everything people have voted on has not happened for me yet (I have only ever seen it on DVD). Fawlty Towers never jumped! Flintstones: that little green fuck, The Great Gazoo. Gilligan never jumped (even with the Gilligan's Planet cartoon) because it was cheezy and dumb and did not try hide it, and that's the way we like it–whether or not it jumped the shark is irrelevant. And by a landslide: the introduction of Scrappy Doo killed Scooby.

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