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I was reading a web comic and learned that a new Tomb Raider game is coming out. I have played and finished all but the last Tomb Raider game. They mix just the right combination of ass-kicking and puzzly-goodness. I only didn't finish the last one because it was on the Mac, and I was used to playing with the arrow-key numeric keypad and was still getting used to how an optical mouse worked (pretty much the same as a mechanical mouse, but not as much feedback and the movement had a few idiosyncrasies that I now do not notice). So anyway, yeah, new Tomb Raider. I should be excited, but after looking through the website a little, I am now not sure how I feel. You see, this game takes place after a near-death experience, which puts Lara into a slightly different frame of mind–more harsh, less tolerant, more dark, and more gothic! I mean, what's with the eyeliner? Huh? I will probably get it when it comes out because, you know, it is Tomb Raider. But, huh? Oh, and hey, the new movie comes out next month.

Tonight I get to hang out with Kate in line at Borders. The new Harry Potter book comes out tomorrow, and as more businesses are realizing about releases (movie, music, and now book releases), tomorrow starts tonight at midnight. I only hope they have the CD audiobook version available for purchase and are not just assembly lining the book sale, forcing me to buy it tomorrow before they get sold out. I have too many books to read right now, but audiobooks are always good because I can do other things at the same time.

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