Caution: Guillotine Ahead

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If you are stealing large metal signs from poles, undo the BOTTOM bolt first. Unbolting the top bolt first causes its weight to shift the instant the bolt is removed, causing the sign to pivot around and lop off a hand, arm, finger, or head. I am not sure why I just thought of this now–but it is good advise next time you want to steal a stop sign.

At work yesterday, I got to practice my m4d h4x0r 5k1||z. We have some software that was written by a guy who quit/was-fired about a month ago. The source code never made it into the source control system, and the source code was not found on his hard drive. Sooo…..I got to reverse engineer the original source code out of the compiled program. It was kind of fun, yet kind of pointless. Fortunately, we were dealing with Java, so most of it came out correctly (one of the functions got turned into minced-meat with “goto” instructions all over the place and there were a few other bits that came out all funky). Good times! I hope I do not have to do that again anytime soon.

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