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I just learned that the little bugs that roll up into a ball, that we would call a “rolly poly” as a kid is not actually a bug, but a crustacean.

Recently Netninja and Buffer Overrun moved off of my home/business DSL and over to Dreamhost. So far, things have been really easy, plus Dreamhost has a powerful web-based control panel that lets you configure every little aspect of things. They not only have ssh access, they let me rsync my web sites over ssh. I cannot think of another host (besides maybe Exo) that would even know what “rsync over ssh” is! Well, plus their FAQ includes questions such as “What happen?” and their monthly newsletters have sections like #4 in January's:

4. Data Center MOVED!

Has anyone seen it? We can't find it!

If anyone else wants so sign up at Dreamhost, use me as a reference. For each person you refer, they knock 10% off of your bill, and I am all about the free discounts.

Today, Kate got me a beer named “Kelpe.” It is made from bladder seaweed. I hope it ends up being good. I like seaweed.

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