Czech Out The Caboose On That Government

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It is called the Darkly Goth Crossword, but has more to do with the occult than with what the public typically thinks of as “Goth.” I was only able to get 11 of the 39 words, but I tend to suck at crosswords.

It is kind of freaky to think that in my daily job activities, I deal with variables and enumerations such as:
typedef enum GlobalGovernmentPriorityRatingCode = {AtomicEnergy, Defense, DomesticEnergy, EnergyAndRelatedPrograms, OtherDefense};

Also, GlobalSpecialHandlingCode has things like “15 minute window,” “armed guard service,” “blind shipment,” “dangerous,” “do not hump” (?!), “endorsed as hazardous material,” “escort service” (so our tax dollars are going to an escort service?), “government caboose” (X-Files, anyone?), “modified atmosphere,” and “reefer maintenance.”

The business card cubes (brought to me through Citizen X) are the coolest things ever. They are especially nifty when you add the extra six cards to hide the flaps. They end up feeling really solid and sturdy. The cubes are UBERnifty when the backs of your business cards have cool patterns–patterns that are otherwise anti-nifty because they make the backs of the cards not viable as writing surfaces.

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