Can we get a house with beef siding?

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Do you know what I like more than anything? Giving a complex task to a robotic person. Wait. Did I say “like more than anything?” I meant to say “find more annoying than anything.” There is a cow-orker at my place of employment that falls into the category several friends have dubbed “happy Indian programmer.” He is an alright guy and a hard worker, sure. He just never “gets it.” There is a little bit of a language barrier we have to overcome and he constantly goes around with a big smile on his face because he does not entirely understand what we are talking about and falls back to “smile and nod mode.” He is what I generally call a robotic person.

You can give detailed instructions about a complex task to such a person and they will perform the task, to the letter of your instructions, for better or for worse, with robotic precision. If the instructions are off but just a tiny little bit, they will still proceed to follow them to the letter. If a step along the way does not seem right (or even seems horribly wrong), they will never question it and blindly proceed to the next step. It does not matter that they do not understand the concepts involved, they just want to perform the task without understanding.

I am a software engineer, a programmer. I spend all day programming computers, telling them what to do. I enjoy programming computers. I do not enjoy programming robotic people. I do not enjoy having to tell a robotic person what to do every ten minutes for the entire work day. I do not enjoy explaining the same concept over and over again, with minor variations each iteration. I do not enjoy explaining the same concept repeatedly. I do not enjoy repeating, with minor variations, the same concept over and over again. There are many things I like, but repeating concepts with slight variants is not one of them.

Sorry. Had to blow off a little steam.

Got paranoia? Is your world real?

We got Meet the Feebles from Netflix the other day. This is one of those gems of a movie from Peter Jackson–the same dude that did Lord of the Rings. You know how if you compress carbon long enough, it becomes a gem. When you compress absolute shite long enough, it becomes a movie. I had to eject the disc at 14:03, it was such a stinker.

iConquer has taught me that you can attack TWO different territories (or segments or partitions or whatever–they are not quite countries and not quite states) of Canada from Alaska. That little handle part of Alaska that hangs down in the southeast touches a segment of the map that does not look like an obvious connection, but it does connect. Kate can kick my ass at iConquer/Risk any day of the week. Specifically Sunday.

There is only one word to be said about dry, salty, garlicy cheese: MMMMMmmmmm…

The I WANNA BY A HAX0R TO HAK MY GRAD3S email of the day…

This message has been automatically sent from somebody at the website claiming to be "Az Hak" <{removed}>

IP Address: (
Requesting Browser:Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; Q312461)

I have a question about hacking my high school. I don’t know if I’ll have to hack my grades/transcripts themselves or what or simply hack the graduation program, but graduating with high honors goes to the top 2% of the class…which is what I am seeking to get. This job needs to be done quickly, as our high school graduation is June 6th. I would like information on who I can contact to organize such a job and what the price woudl be for something like this. I don’t know if actually does these sorts of jobs, but I would truly appreciate if you could put me in contact with individuals or groups who perform such jobs as I am willing to pay big $$$.

Let me guess. You are failing all of your classes, including the computer ones.

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