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It seems I have woken up and can now not get back to sleep. As best as I can tell, it was not from a bad dream or anything of that ilk. This kind of sucks because by the time I will finally be able to get back to sleep, in three or four hours, it will be time to wake up and get ready for work. I hope this is a one-time occurrence. I am coming to terms with my fate as “Narcolepsy Ned,” and do not want to become insomnia boy again. I think mister insomnia died off not too long after finishing college.

I was going through my digital audiobooks and came across one: “TheAdventuresofSherl.” Huh? Who is Sherl? I do not remember buying or otherwise obtaining this. Too many seconds later, it occurred to me that this is “Sherlock Holmes,” only cropped.

It seems to me that IM conversations and what MP3 I happen to be listening to greatly effect. Example The First: substitute tends to send non-sequitur Jerkcity quotes and Jerkcity-like quotes throughout the day. At one point, I found myself typing panel.setGayout(new BorderLayout());. Example The Second: While listening to The Conet Project, recordings of shortwave numbers stations, I found myself typing entry.nine = KeyInfo.MODE_CERT (“nine” instead of “mode”).

…debating whether to get the new (or even an old) Margaret Atwood audiobook from audible…please advise…

Super secret message to Kate (isn't it great how I use this thing as a household bulletin board, spamming everyone with my personal business instead of sending email?!): The two mp3s of The Matrix and Philosophy are being lame-encoded now. By the time you wake up and read your webbiness, they should be ready. I do not know if you know how to burn CDs on that machine, but it is pretty easy–you can find Toast in the Applications folder.

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