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I am really trying to find music I like in the Apple Music Store. I would like to give them the cash for an album or two to show my support of a Digital Rights/Restrictions Management (DRM) system that actually does not screw the customer (i.e. the mechanism that lets you burn to a plain-vanilla CD that you can then re-rip to MP3 if you were so inclined), but am having a hard time finding music I actually like. Part of that is due to the fact that their store is incredibly broad, yet extremely shallow. Part of that is their organization sucks. I mean, I have been doing okay with the 80's stuff. I picked up some New Order that I have been hearing for a number of years, yet never owned. I picked up a Bauhaus album that I had never before seen (how THAT happened, I do not know). The thing is, they have some pretty weird ideas of what falls in what categories. I guess MDFMK falls into “Rock” and not “Alternative” or “Electronic?” OOOOKAY, dude. Whatever you say. We will just file that next to Motorhead, and nevermind that Nine Inch Nails is filed in all three places. The same goes for Pop Will Eat Itself. I mean, HUH? Same goes for Rammstein. Rasputina goes in BOTH Rock and Alternative. Sure. Cellos are rock. Just ask any metalhead. I am just waiting for the day they decide that Aphex Twin is inspirational and file Mr. James' albums accordingly.

I have never before seen Harry Potter II to the end of the credits. Kate: you must watch. The DVD is back in its case in the living room. Mental note to self: good thing the LiveJournal protocol uses encrypted passwords and [probably] clueless neighbor with wide-open wireless access point is not running a packet sniffer.

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