Hybrid Radiohead Flute

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I must admit that I had no idea that Radiohead was coming out with a new album until Burningskyz made mention of it. I snagged it last night and am quite a happy monkey today, as are my coworkers!

Today, I got to ride in Tim's hybrid car for the first time. Let me tell you that was great, if not a little spooky. Generally, if you are braking while pulling up to a red light and your engine cuts out and you sit there in silence, it is time to get your car fixed. The hybrid, on the other hand, is designed to shut off the engine if you are braking and your speed is less than about 5MPH. You end up coasting to a stop in almost complete silence as you approach a red light. When it turns green and you hit the accelerator, the engine kicks in again to assist the battery power. Also, since the transmission is a CVT, there are no lurches or jerks as it shifts from one gear to the next–it is a continuous smooth ride. You also have a pair of buttons on the steering wheel to tell the car what kind of gearing you want–economy or quick speed.

I discovered that taking a Red Vine, biting off the ends, then biting holes along the length does not turn it into a flute, no matter how much you try or how hard you blow.

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