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According to a friend, MacMall is getting more uberlaptops on Friday, and perhaps my place in the queue is low enough for me to FINALLY get one of the laptops that were supposedly to be released on February 28th.

My last post talked about the pager stuff going on at the Portland protests last weekend. A little bit of info is available at Portland Communique. Unfortunately, it seems the original site ( is either offline or Slashdotted, but the Googlecached page has a link to a CGI (not Googlecached) that shows all the messages. The whole setup falls into the “I kick myself in the head because it is so obvious in retrospect” category. A listserve specifically designed for text messaging wireless devices, complete with moderator (to remove dupes and Spam to keep people's pager inboxes trim)! How simple and obvious!

Oh, and those that might not have gotten my email to The Table should know that if you changed your address or phone number within the last 6 months to a year, I no longer have it. Last week, I upgraded the ROMs in my Treo to GSRM service, which (as expected) nuked the user-space memory. I did a restore at work that, in theory, should have restored everything–but did not completely restore the address book. (I forgot that I disabled hotsyncing the address book at work a long time ago because the funky Outlook interaction seems to add everything personal to an address book sitting on a server I have no control over, so I opted not to sync my addresses and phone numbers). I did not notice until after a few days of hotsyncing at home, which overwrote the previous hotsyncs with the old data. Blech! Maybe I should set up a cron job to take historic snapshots of my backups. In related news, VeriChat works as a very good Palm version of a multi-service IM client, like Gaim or Trillian.

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