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For those that did not know, I spent the previous weekend in Santa Clara. I was hoping to hook up with O.J., but that did not end up happening.

For those on road trips, a good GPS is a very nifty piece of hardware! It not only tells you where you are and where your destination lies, but it also spews out all sorts of statistics like exact mileage, average overall speed, average speed while in motion, time spent on the road, time spent motionless (at gas stations and rest stops), estimated time of arrival, etc. It serves up all sorts of stats that are useful to have and also help to soothe the panicking Miss Kitten. I have all the statistics recorded, but they are a little too dry to post.

During the trip, I had a little time to myself. While Kate was spending most of a day learning about the school, I wandered around the area, taking pictures and listening to the iPod. At first, I was not sure what I wanted to do–maybe hang around the school, possibly hang around the hotel lounge, possibly find a nearby coffee shop. Of course, there was no lounge, the only coffee shop was a crappy Starbucks across the parking lot from the hotel, and the school was across the street, so the choice was made. Part of the solitary hanging-out reminded me of a trip to Hawaii with my family. I was about 14 and did not want to spend much time, especially later in the evening, with my family. My idea of being “cool and beatnik” at the time was to stay up late in the hotel lounge, writing poetry and prose in a blank book. Of course, “staying up late at the hotel” ended up being about 9 or 10pm, by my parent’s watch–but I still felt like a cool, hip d00d at the time. Anyway, I have a bunch of photos from the stroll around campus, but the only one worth mentioning to this group is the surfin’ safari St. Ignatius. Why is he riding a wave?!

Being in a hotel that offered cable (something we do not have at home) was a nifty experience when the HBO series 6 Feet Under came on. We thought it was the season premier, but it ended up being the episode after. We have the first season on DVD, which is extremely excellent, but the currently airing episodes are somewhere toward the beginning of season 2 or 3. All sorts of things were different. The MAIN thing I noticed is that with the “Home Version” (the DVD), you can hit pause and run off to the bathroom or have a quick smoke, with HBO you cannot. Of course, this would be solved with a Tivo, but I have neither Tivo nor cable. They are getting extremely creative with the death vignette at the beginnings of episodes now. All-in-all, though, I felt completely lost. Nate is no longer dating Brenda (“Charlotte, Light and Dark”), and is now dating (and seems to have had a child with) Lili Taylor. Dave’s boyfriend, what’s-his-name-the-cop is no longer a cop and now a rent-a-cop and in relationship therapy with Dave.

Speaking of TV series on DVD, we have found one of the most excellent ones around! P.G. Wodehouse’s Jeeves and Wooster is one of the best around! It is not as blatantly funny/slapstick/laugh-track as Black Adder. It is much more subtle, and so much better! (Also, it happens to star two not-so-major actors from Black Adder–Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie). Good stuff! Grab it from Netflix and give it a try before you but the mega-4-season-box-set. I did!

Oregon next weekend!

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