The other day I… uh, no, that wasn’t me

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I learned several things today:
1. My luggage is cheaper to get repaired by the dude at the local luggage shop than it is to get repaired by the free lifetime warranty. The warranty does not cover shipping very large, very metal, very heavy Zero Halliburton aluminum suitcases and briefcases to Utah or Colorado or whatever.
2. All Samsonite (at least, all Samsonite hard-case luggage) has the exact same key.

So what is with the terror alert scale? Why is there a green? Will we ever attain green status, and if so, what would be the cause? Total destruction of all people on the planet? Total destruction of all people with skin darker than toast? The apocalypse? On a mathematical scale, is is perfectly fine to have a non-attainable value. For instance, zero degrees kelvin or the speed of light. They exist as a concept, and you can get really close, but end up being impossible asymptotic values, like divide-by-zero. Sure, we can get pretty darn close to zero kelvin, but cannot actually reach it, like the tangent of pi over two. Is “terrorism level green” equivalent to zero kelvin?

Today, my car died. It died a lot. There was no external damage to car or self, but I am very thankful for several things: (1) cell phone (2) AAA (3) Kate to calm my stressball little ass down. Tomorrow, I find out what (if) it is going to cost.

All your base are switch to Mac

My laptop looks like it just might ship on Friday instead of a week from Friday.

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