It thought my sea-monkeys were crayfish at first

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Computer wins, but asked too many questions
You were thinking of a monkey.

26. Is it manufactured? No.
Can you smell it? Unknown.
Does it eat seeds? Unknown.
25. Does it come in many varieties? Yes.
24. Is it colorful? No.
23. Is it awake at night? No.
22. Is it formed from carbon? Yes.
21. Is it smaller than a loaf of bread? No.
20. I guess it a koala? No.
19. Is it brown? No.
18. Does it have claws? No.
17. Does it bring joy to people? Yes.
Is it an omnivore? Unknown.
16. Can you make sounds with it ? No.
Does it live in large populations? Unknown.
15. Do you love it? Yes.
14. Does it swim? No.
13. Is it heavy? No.
12. I guess it a sloth? No.
11. Does it live in the jungle? Yes.
10. Does it like apples? No.
9. Does it jump? No.
8. Does it have a long tail? Yes.
7. Does it live in trees? Yes.
6. Is it furry? Yes.
5. Does it have feathers? No.
4. Does it live in salt-water? No.
3. Does it weigh more than a duck? Yes.
2. Can it run fast? No.
1. It is classified as Animal.

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