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Is it too late for me to jump on the bandwagon and be unique and different, just like all the other unique and different people?

I give you The Incorporated States of Dereferenced Vectors.

We have no prisons because we believe in education and rehabilitation. (Just do not talk about the crime rate quite yet because we are still working on that.) “We are so smart! S-M-R-T!” We are also quite free (as in “speech” and not as in “beer”) and have some pretty spiffy rights. Import our cheese and come see the monkeys (just do not get too close or they will fling their poo).

So, I would like to know how some of the vampire stuff works. I mean, vampires cannot enter your house unless you invite them, right? Who has invitation rights? If someone who does not live in my house, but is just visiting invites in a vampire, is the vampire allowed in? If so, does that person have to be a friend, or just some anonymous person? For example, if I throw a party and a bunch of people show up that I do not know, then a vampire knocks at the door and somebody I have never met invites the vampire in, can he/she/it enter the house? Are there legal texts or precedents that govern how this works?

In other news, I have written a cross-platform remote control for iTunes. The project will be on SourceForge as soon as they approve the project.

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