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Today has been a strange day:
– It is raining for the first time in quite a while. Yesterday, it did not look like rain would be coming–in fact it was really hot out.
– I got in today and we decided to turn BC's desk into a fortress of Cobalt Qube computers for no readily apparent reason.
– Our COO appeared in the room with cases of little tins of mints. The mints are stale and have the company logo from a year ago. They were hiding in the recently laid off Marketing department's office. So THAT is where the venture capital went? (Well, that and the excess of Qubes). You can see a small pyramid of the mints in the above picture.
– Virtually nobody is at work today.
– I got up, went to the bathroom, and returned not two minutes later, and discovered that my desk was walled off with heavy cardboard boxes full of marketing pamphlets.
– The program I am architecting and developing a prototype of is coming together very smoothly. Some might say it is coming along TOO well.
– The cheese in my quesidillas, which was originally a block, but shredded and put in the tortillas, has melted, flowed out of the quesidillas slices, and congealed back into a block of cheese.
– The Sea-Monkeys at work, I believe, can officially be declared dead. This happened once before, though, and there were dormant eggs at the bottom of the container that hatched a few days later.
– Everybody at work has a webcam now. Each of us is pointing our camera at somebody else–like the standoff at the end of Reservoir Dogs, only with cameras instead of guns.
– “The Philosophy of The Matrix” sounded like a cheezy generic book: as if it would be the philosophical version of pop-psych-101, but it is turning out to be much better than I had expected. Sure, Kate is going to find it simplistic and far under her skill level, but I am liking it so far. (Of course, I took philosophy from a cartoon textbook–LITERALLY! Although the textbook was 500 pages, it was typeset with a font that looks like handwriting and had cartoonish illustrations)
– I just got finished burying somebody's desk in heavy boxes of marketing pamphlets.

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