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People of Earth: 6 Feet Under is the BEST….SERIES….EV-AR

6 Feet Under came out yesterday and arrived today from Netflix. There is a damn good reason why the only television I watch (aside from Kate's lawyer show) is on DVD, and this is it. Forget the voluntary slavery of traditional broadcast television. All the good writers have left to make room for the lowest common denominator–everyone, supposedly, can relate to a situational joke between commercials for Brittney Spears, The Gap, and Pepsi. All the good writers have moved on to HBO–working on The Sporanos, OZ, Sex in the City, and 6 Feet Under. (Admittedly there is some good writing in Buffy in episodes where the episode's season is greater than or equal to 1.5, and that is broadcast television–but broadcast TV that was good enough to release on DVD).

I mean, how cool is a series that can artfully get away with a character carrying on an internal monologue by having a corpse that the character is embalming stand up, walk around the room, and help the character talk things through?! How cool is a series that starts each episode with a vignette depicting an interesting death?! Did I mention that it is directed by the same guy who directed American Beauty? Extreme coolness to the max.

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