Did I mention how much I love Redhat packages? No? That is because they blow.

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Today was a day when a few graphics people got laid off. I cannot say I was not expecting it. When a 4-person marketing team consists of 75% graphics people, things are a little wrong.

Today was also a day when the ssh service on the cvs box unexpectedly failed. In English for non programmer folk: cvs is like a folder everyone shares, but with a history of what has been placed in it and how it has changed over time. Coming into work with it kicking back login failure messages is like coming to work and discovering you cannot log into your machine, the key to your office does not work, and there is an envelope from HR pinned to your door. While this could be a network failure, new keys for the entire building, and a Christmas bonus check–the more likely explanation puts you in the unemployment line.

Needless to say there were a lot of programmers, web developers, and QA folk that were a little on edge. Fortunately, it is not like the admin came in and locked out everyone's accounts–I would know, since I ended up as the unofficial cvs admin.

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