What’s in yer bag?

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In reference to wlonkly’s What’s in Yer Bag? post, I thought I would throw in my 2¢. Normally, I do not carry around a bag, but I have a nifty Harley jacket with ten pockets, so that holds just about everything I would need.

  • keys
  • cigarillo case (used as wallet)
  • iPod (with remote and headphones)
  • digital camera
  • Lego monkey
  • half a dozen red cellophane “Fortune Telling Fish” from the Oriental Trading Company
  • a few stretchy rubber ninja, 3 guesses where they are from
  • several little plastic ninja, also from the Oriental Trading Company
  • some screw fasteners that I removed from the car, but never bother to put back on
  • Orinoco Gold 802.11b card (I am still trying to remember why I have this)
  • a pack of tissue
  • an old crumbly granola bar that I just threw away
  • a Rollerball pen and disposable fountain pen
  • assorted bits of paper, including a large number of paycheck stubs

Now, when I do happen to carry my bag, I also have a few other things.

  • laptop with all the accouterments (cables, Compact Flash adapter, CDs)
  • book: Learning Cocoa with Objective-C
  • more pens, pencils, papers, notepads
  • skin moisturizer
  • instant miso soup
  • more fortune telling fish and ninjas
  • a screaming bungie monkey, affectionately named “Hat”

Now, I ask of you: what is in YOUR bag?

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