Garlic Coffee

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This morning, I washed out my travel mug using the same scrubby sponge I used to clean a pan in which I cooked garlic last night. The lingering garlic smell is now on the lid and body of the mug and causes my coffee to have an overwhelming garlic taste. It is kind of like the old grade-school experiment where you are blindfolded and somebody holds an onion slice near your nose while you take a bite out of an apple. You could just swear you were munching on an onion. My coffee is like that, except that while I love garlic, the coffee/cream/chocolate/garlic combination is not being too kind on my nose and tastebuds this morning. I do not want to wash this out and put in generic office coffee and I do not have the time to wash it out and walk down to Diedrich's, down the street.

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