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Kate and I saw “Bowling for Columbine” last night. I am not entirely sure what I expected, but it was pretty close to expectations. It was a fun, interesting documentary–a little sparse on hard facts, but that's okay. I have to say I was surprised by Marylin Manson. I have heard him interviewed before, and he can be a pretty bright cookie when he wants to be. He had some good points about fear and consumerism, then went on to say one of the most kind things anyone in the movie said: when asked what he would say to the families of the victims of Columbine, he replied that he would not say anything, just listen to what they had to say. Overall the movie was especially good because it did not cram an answer down your throat. It simply asked questions, presented interviews and data, then let you draw your own conclusions.

I spent a good chunk of today annotating tcpdump network sniffer logs. I am now quite proficient at converting network-byte-ordered hex integers to decimal, figuring out whether a chunk of data is a string, integer, or byte, and judging byte alignment. The bright side is that I figured out a lot about the SoulSeek protocol that we were doing incorrectly. The down side is that I need some serious down-time with some nice music and a strong glass of wine, otherwise I will have nightmares in which alphanumeric symbols hex a pox upon my home directory.

I added a new user icon (seen above/to the left/to the right/wherever it is in your LJ style). It is a monkey from the Buffy The Vampire Slayer season 3 opening credits. The monkey is not actually in season 3, but as I recall was in season 2 (in a dream sequence or something), but that does not make it any less cool. “I mock you with my monkey pants!” Kate and I finished watching season 3 sometime in the past week–including the episode we were unable to watch because one of the DVDs had gotten loose inside the packaging and maimed itself on the sharp little plastic pushbutton spindle thing it is supposed to be safely nested on.

I'm sure there was more to write about, but I really cannot remember now. I can only remember hex codes.

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