“It’s not raining, my ninja monkey is actually pelting you with poo”

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For those that care (well, basically, that would be only me), I updated the layout of my journal to more closely resemble my web site.

Since everyone seems to be listing the loot they scored on Christmas, I might as well post my list: a new, larger cigarette tin (to be used as a wallet) from Kate, The Complete Monty Python's Flying Circus from my parents, Clerks on DVD from Kate,
a brewery in a box from my sister, a screaming bungie monkey from Kate, a large number of t-shirts (many with monkey themes), monkey-trouble socks, a vegetarian cookbook, some wine from Brandon+Lisa (which was quite good, by the way–we have gotten into a dark red wine routine and probably would not have thought to get this for ourselves), some candy, some gift certificates for Edwards/Regal theaters and California Pizza Kitchen, a tire gauge (from the same people that gave me a digital one a couple of years ago), a shoe buff sponge thing (from the same people that gave me one a few years ago), and some other stuff that I cannot remember right now.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, compliments of Kate's family. Sure, they are basically Jelly Bellies, but with the Harry Potter twist. They include all the regular flavors (apple, cherry, lemon drop, blueberry, etc. They also include a number of other flavors that really are in there: dirt, sardines, grass, black pepper, and ear wax (I could not finish this one). They all tasted like the description (well, I do not know about the ear wax–it tasted gross and waxy). The color guide on the back lists a few other flavors that I have not yet gotten: booger, spinach, and vomit.

Oh, and I'm still sick. A large amount of my Christmas and Christmas Eve consisted of sleeping and avoiding family stuff. I talked to someone at work, and he is one of the few people present over there–most everyone is either still on vacation or sick….nobody else in my department is there. The HR lady is not there, most of the big-wigs are not there. It is a ghost town.

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